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Gaussian System of Units

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Base units of the Gaussian system
quantity unit symbol
length centimeter cm
mass gram g
time second s
Derived units of the Gaussian system with special names
quantity name symbol in terms of…
other units base units
acceleration gal Gal dyn/g cm s−2
force dyne dyn   cm g s−2
pressure, stress barye Ba dyn/cm2 cm−1g s−2
energy, work, heat erg erg dyn cm cm2g s−2
dynamic viscosity poise P Ba s cm−1g s−1
kinematic viscosity stokes St   cm2s−1
luminance stilb sb    
illuminance phot ph    
wave number kayser     cm−1

Electrostatic units

The statcoulomb is that charge which, if placed in two point objects placed one centimeter apart in vacuum, would produce between these objects a force equal one dyne.

Electrostatic units of the Gaussian system * a.k.a. electrostatic unit (esu) or franklin (Fr)
quantity name symbol in terms of…
other units base units
electric charge statcoulomb*     (cm3g s−2)½
electric field     statvolt/cm  
electric potential statvolt   erg/statcoulomb  
electric current statampere   statcoulomb/s  
resistance statohm   statamp/statvolt cm−1s
conductance statmho   1/statohm cm s−1
capacitance statfarad     cm
magnetic field stattesla      
magnetic flux statweber      
inductance stathenry      

Electromagnetic units

Electromagnetic units of the Gaussian system * a.k.a. biot (Bi)
quantity name symbol in terms of…
other units base units
magnetic field (B) gauss G    
magnetic field (H) oersted Oe    
magnetic flux maxwell Mw    
magnetomotive force gilbert Gb    
inductance abhenry      
electric charge abcoulomb      
electric current abampere*      
electric potential abvolt      
resistance abohm      
conductance abmho      
capacitance abfarad      


Derived units of the Gaussian system named after scientists * a.k.a. abampere,  a.k.a. electrostatic unit (esu) or statcoulomb,  a.k.a. Oersted
unit scientist quantity
biot* Bi Jean-Baptiste Biot electric current
franklin Fr Benjamin Franklin electric charge
gal Gal Galileo Galilei acceleration
gauss G Carl Friedrich Gauss magnetic field (B)
gilbert Gb William Gilbert magnetomotive force
kayser K Heinrich Kayser wavenumber
maxwell Mw James Clerk Maxwell magnetic flux
oersted Oe Hans Christian Ørsted magnetic field (H)
poise P Jean Poiseuille dynamic viscosity
stokes St George Stokes kinematic viscosity