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  1. Photo of a protractor in polarized light showing strain at two locations
    The protractor on the right was photographed under a set of crossed polarizing filters. Where is it most likely to break? Justify your answer.
  2. While wearing polarized sunglasses, it is sometimes impossible to read the LCD display on calculators or electronic wristwatches. The display will be completely black (not just dark, but nearly completely black). Why does this happen? How could one read the display without removing one's sunglasses?
  3. Name 5 occupations, sports, or hobbies whose participants would probably prefer polarized sunglasses over ordinary sunglasses. What feature do these sunglasses provide to all 5 groups that ordinary sunglasses lack?
  4. Give three reasons why professional and advanced amateur photographers should own a polarizing filter.
  5. Why can't sound waves be polarized?