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Diffraction and Interference (Sound)

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  1. Two speakers emitting identical tones are separated by 3.0 m. A person sits 4.0 m away from one of the speakers. The line from the person to the speaker makes a right angle with the line joining the two speakers. Determine the frequency of the lowest pure tone that will result in…
    1. constructive interference
    2. destructive interference
  2. Two speakers are separated by 3.0 m. Each speaker emits an audible tone of wavelength 1.0 m. At what positions in between the two speakers would a person hear…
    1. constructive interference
    2. destructive interference
  3. A calculation and a related question.
    1. Verify the claim that a 2500 Hz sound wave in air has a wavelength approximately equal to the width of a typical adult human head.
    2. What is the significance of this value? That is, what kind of perceptual difference might there be between sounds above 2500 Hz and sounds below 2500 Hz? (Hint: Typical humans have two working ears.)