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Sensible Heat

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  1. An 850 W consumer coffee maker can make 10 cups (1.75 liters) of 80 °C coffee from 20 °C tapwater in 10 minutes. What percentage of the electric energy consumed actually makes it to the coffee?
  2. A 100 g cube of aluminum is removed from a bath of boiling water and dropped in a bath of room temperature water (2.00 liters at 20.0 °C). What is the final temperature of the water and zinc assuming heat loss to the surroundings is negligible?
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  1. An ordinary thermometer consits of 25 g of glass and 2 g of ethyl alcohol. If it has an initial temperature of 22 °C, what temperature will it read when it is completely submerged in 100 g of 80 °C water?